Static electricity is a phenomenon by which excessive electric charges are created on objects. That charges appear most frequently on materials of low electrical conductivity (insulators, dielectrics). In some special cases they can accumulate on conductive objects insulated from the ground (including human body).
      Influence of electrostatic charges can result in numerous difficulties in technological processes, create hazards for safety of workers, danger of fire or explosions, and disturb the operation of electronic devices.
      We would like to offer you active pointed neutralizers of increased frequency. Complete deionizer consists of high voltage power supply (TZWN-05) and one or more pointed electrodes JO96/x/L connected to power supply with special cable.
      Electrode(s) are placed near material that is to be neutralized. After turning power supply on, near the points of electrode a powerful electric field is created. The result of this is partial discharge. It causes intensive ionization of air molecules (disintegration to positive and negative ions). Under electrostatic forces the electrified material attracts appropriate (of opposite polarity) ions that neutralize its charge.

                             removal of electrostatic charges - idea

      In neutralization of discontinuous materials (fabric, yarn, fibers...) one electrode can be used. For continuous (foil, coated paper), the use of two electrodes, one on each side of the film (sheet), is recommended.

Many factors (friction, pressure, temperature...) can cause electrostatic charge to be generated once again and accumulate on the material!

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